Friday, January 7, 2011

It's all in the name.....

As most of you know Matt and I had a girl's name picked out but couldn't decide on a boys name that we both liked. We had a list of about 5 names that we were playing with but couldn't really find one that we were completely happy with. After our ultrasound yesterday morning 1/6/2011 I was in tears because God had clearly given us a girl's name but we had a baby boy who didn't have a name and Matt and I both being stubborn and of course wanting the best for our son couldn't seem to agree on a boys name that is until God revealed it to us.

Since Matt had to go to work right after our ultrasound (which was done on a dinosaur of machine since the nice machine was broken and we somehow didn't get the message, that's another story) we drove separately. During the ultrasound I broke down in tears and couldn't seem to stop crying, I think the reality that I'm going to actually have a baby in my arms in a few months, hormones and lack of sleep were the right combination to make me a blubbering fool. I actually had planned that after the ultrasound I was going to go shopping and get some baby clothes for our new addition, since I couldn't get the tears under control that all changed, I'm sure my hubby was grateful that I didn't go shopping, especially for baby things without him. As I was sitting in my car trying to calm myself down enough to drive I was praying, I may at this point even have actually been talking aloud to God in the car. I can't remember exactly what I said, but something along the lines of "Thanks God, you gave us a girl's name but we have a baby boy who needs a name." I also remember thinking well at least we have his middle name picked out, now we just need to find a first name we agree on. We had decided when we first found out that we were pregnant that if we had a boy we would give him the middle name Leeman after Matt's grandfather and if we had a girl she would get the middle name of Grace after Marilyn who along with her daughter Theresa is the whole reason Matt and I even know each other (again, another story in and of itself.) As I said those two names to myself I was thinking too bad there isn't a male form of the name Grace, and then the name Grayson popped in my head, it had to be a God thing because I don't remember ever hearing the name before. I was like well that's a cute name, too bad I doubt Matt will like it. We have completely different tastes or so it seemed for any of the other names we came up with. After driving home (I was still a wreck) so bad in fact that when I called my mom to tell her that her first grandbaby would be a boy she kept asking me are you ok? Are you sure you're ok? Just because I kept crying, I just told her that the reality of everything was setting in and I would be fine.

So when I arrived home and made a posting on Facebook I started looking through the Baby Name Book, trying to find a list of names I could put in the Google document that Matt and I had shared so that hopefully we could find a name for our son. I was able to come up with a few and put those on our list. I never realized that choosing a name was so difficult. After having little sleep the night before and my emotional break down, I was so tired I could barely keep my eyes open. I took a nap and when I got up my consuming thought was still trying to find a name for our son. I really liked Grayson and Matt actually seemed to like it to, although we had about 4 other names still left on the list. I couldn't seem to commit to any of the others. After an email from my mother in law, with a list of names that she liked (a few of which were on our list) but again none that I could say yes that's my son's name, I replied back to her email with the list of names that we were trying to pick from and (unbeknownst to me at the time) there was a great debate going on at her house between my sisters-in-law, my mother in law and our friend Travis. Matt and I were talking on the phone because his work day was over and somehow we finally came to the conclusion that we were going to use the name Grayson or at least we thought so, but weren't 100% sure. I then remembered back to something our dear friend Becky had posted on my Facebook wall about how God would show me the name, and I remember sitting in the parking lot staring at the fence in front of me thinking about the name Grayson, about this same time, Matt got a text from his sister Courtney that said loving my little man Grayson, or something like that and we both finally knew that God had given us our son's name. The best thing about it is, it's unique (at least I think so) This child has an awesome heritage, and God has given us the perfect name for him. So excited to start on getting the nursery ready and the registries, since we had been waiting to know the gender before we did anything. Now there's a lot to do and what seems like not much time, but praise God He has taken care of everything and will continue to do so!

(If you actually read all my rambling, I commend you. I've still had little sleep and because of eating potato chips before I went to bed I woke up dry mouthed and originally got up to drink some water. Which lead to me sitting in front of the computer, and then typing up this Blog.)


  1. Welcome to parenthood!
    Why am I reading this before 6am?
    Quintin finally fell asleep after being up most of the night.

    I hope little Grayson lets his mommy and daddy sleep!!

    Love you all,

  2. What a wonderful post. Your son's name is perfect and not that my opinion matters, but I loved it instantly! Truly blessed parents and child.